Releases Top 10 New Car Models And Manufacturers For March

April 12, 2000 at 12:00 AM EDT Releases Top 10 New Car Models And Manufacturers For March

NORWALK, Conn.--(AutomotiveWire)--April 12, (Nasdaq: PCLN), the Internet pricing system that enables consumers to save money by naming their own price for a variety of travel, automotive and personal finance products, announced today the top-ten selling vehicles and manufacturers for March.

               The March Top 10 Cars Sold
                                    March            February
                                    Ranking          Ranking

Honda Accord                        1                2
Honda Civic                         2                3
Honda Odyssey                       3                1
Volkswagen Passat                   4                6
Volkswagen Jetta                    5                9
Toyota Camry                        6                4
Acura TL                            7                NF
Toyota Sienna                       8                NF
Ford Mustang                        9                NF
Nissan Maxima                       10               NF

    NF - did not make February list.

 's Top Ten Manufacturers for March

                                    1.  Honda
                                    2.  Toyota
                                    3.  Ford
                                    4.  Volkswagen
                                    5.  Chevrolet
                                    6.  Dodge
                                    7.  Nissan
                                    8.  Jeep
                                    9.  BMW
                                    10. Acura

"One interesting note is the absence of SUVs and other larger trucks from this month's top ten list," said Maryann Keller, president of's new car service. "Those vehicles remain strong sellers online, just as they are offline, but their disappearance from this month's list is a direct result of's continuing expansion into new states and markets. As we continue to expand, we're seeing offers and orders for a greater variety of vehicles, such as the Ford Mustang, which appears on this month's top ten list for the first time this year."

About is the patented Internet pricing system that enables consumers to achieve significant savings by naming their own price for goods and services. takes consumer offers and then presents them to sellers who can fill as much of that guaranteed demand as they wish at price points determined by buyers.'s "virtual" business model allows for rapid scaling using the Internet. Because the Company electronically collects consumer demand, it can fill this demand directly with sellers or by using proprietary databases. does not maintain or warehouse inventories in any of its product lines. is currently selling multiple services to its sellers across three distinct product categories: a travel service that offers leisure airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars, a personal finance service that offers home refinancing and home equity loans, and an automotive service that offers new cars. Recently, announced that it would also offer new services for long-distance telephone calling and credit cards.

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